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The holy month of Ramzan has started. Muslims from all around the world fast during this month to come closer to god. They break their fasts during iftaar and this is the time when Old Delhi becomes a food paradise. The whole place is filled up with the delicious aroma of samosa, kabab, biryani and hot jalebis.
Since the whole market is full of places to eat it might become difficult for you to find the best out of all. So here are 10 Old Delhi eateries, you must go here and enjoy the food this Ramzan.
1. Haji Mohd. Hussain Fried Chicken
This place stands at its roots since 40 years and they have been serving fried chicken in Delhi far longer than KFC. You will get most delicious fried chicken here which is served with romali roti and chutney. Must try it out once!
2. Kebabs at Qureshi, Lallu Kebabi, Bhaijaan And Kale Baba
The feast will be incomplete without some lip smacking kebabs and you will find the best ones here. The sutli kebabs made here are so soft that you have to hold them with a thread and are served with mint chutney.
3. Changezi Chicken
As the name suggests this place serves best changezi chicken which is their signature dish. The name of this place was changed from Hotel Maidah to chicken changezi because of the popularity of this dish cooked here. Changezi chicken is served with yougurt, tomatoes and onions. Don’t you already want to try it!
4. Cool Point
This place was established 25 years ago and is famous for its Shahi Tukda and Phirni. So if you are looking for a place to enjoy some sweet dishes – you know where to go now.
5. Nawab Qureshi's watermelon shake
In this hot weather of Delhi this is the only place that will give you some relief. If you get tired of walking around in Old Delhi and want to hydrate yourself then Nawab Qureshi’s stall is the place to go. He sells a refreshing drink called ‘Pyaar Mohabbat Maza” and going with name is indeed filled with love.
6. Pehalwaan Biryaniwale
Also known as Biryani Mirch Masala, this place is open till 2 AM. The smell of this biryani is enough to make your stomach growl.
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