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We girls face so many problems in their daily life. We have to groom ourselves more than boys. Sometimes, things get so irritating when nothing goes well with us. While getting ready for the party suddenly it strikes that you didn’t wax your legs and armpits, did not apply nail paint, hair are going frizzy and so on. Oh! It’s really difficult to manage things especially when you are in hurry. The matching bags, earrings, heels, lipper, bla bla bla.... Uff! Sometimes we wish we were born as boys. HUH! The things when does not go accordingly then we are like OH SHIT!
Being a girl I know the pain of every girl. So here I have collated some ‘OH Shit’ moments that a girl would perfectly relate to. Read out loud, girls and keep singing ‘OH SHIT’. LOL!
1. When there is a party at night and you suddenly realize that you have to go saloon for eye brow & upper lip.
2. When you select a sexy dress to wear and you see that your legs are unshaved.
3. When you go for a sexy hair cut but it turns out to be disaster.
4. Keep managing your hair when you know they are oily and afraid to have anyone see you
5. When you’ve applied a perfect liner and mascara but accidently rub your eyes, making it black, forgetting about your morning creativity.
6. When suddenly you realize a crack in your nail and you have to tear it off.
7. When you have a cup of tea in office and realize your ‘so called’ long stay lipstick ditched you.
8. Applying nail paint perfectly results in an agony when the nail polish on the last nail doesn’t go well.
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