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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you feel like eating out?
LOL! Perfect answer!
Be it a treat or planning to eat out with friends, there is certainly nothing like having pizza. Sometimes you so much crave for this little thing that it becomes a question of life and death. LOL! I personally get satisfied when I have a biiiiiiiig slice of pizza in one hand and a glass of Coke in other. Life is set! OMG, it’s just mouth-watering. There is no such greater feeling in the world than a warm pizza on your lap. Amazing it is!
Well, keeping aside the urge for having tempting pizza right now, let’s talk about some of the pizzas which we must need to experience before we die. If these pizzas were there, our life would have been more amazing like anything. So, here are some of the unusual pizzas that should you should really try out.
1. Fruit Pizza
Imagine your pizza slices are filled with delicious fruit topping. Ummmm!!! Yummy. Just like a fruit cake but with a different base. Other than tomato, what about pizza sprinkled with yummy fruits like strawberries, grapes, avocados, cherries, banana, etc? Replace the normal base with whole wheat and here’s the healthy pizza ready for you.
2. Nutella Pizza
Wow! Again a mouth- watering ingredient on the top! Imagine your pizza is garnished with nuts, strawberries and nutella chocolate paste. This would surely be finger- licking.
3. Paneer Butter Masala Pizza
If you are a Punjabi then this is a retreat for you. This luscious perception of pizza is just on another level. You just can’t eat just a single slice even if you are full.
4. Waffle Pizza
If you are in love with waffles then you might imagine it completely with a perfect taste in your mouth. Waffle Pizza will be going to be an amazing desert if it would be prepared in coming time. This is perfect to replace an ice-cream or cakes after having dinner. At least, I would yell for Waffle Pizza every time after being done with the food.
5. Maggie Pizza
You don’t need to wait for this one for sure. Prepare a wheat base at home, make delicious Maggie with vegetables in it and just spread it over the base. You are done! Enjoy!
So, just empty your bucket list for these toothsome pizzas. God knows, when you would get a chance to have these yummies.
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