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Hot summer is ringing the bells of its severe hotness and we can’t stay calm with all the sticky and clumsy things all around. While going out, sometimes we wish to wear something formal but these summers are not letting us live our life. In fact, most of the summer dresses are such that look extraordinary when you pair them up with some nice footwear.
But what if your footwear denies to fit in your feet? That’s the most annoying moment specially in summers when you feel so tight and sweaty in your fitted shoes.
There are such foot wears exist in our shoe rack that are keep collecting dust just because they are too tight to fit in. And when you feel you can’t wear them with your matching outfit, you are like ‘OH NO’! But don’t worry; we have a solution for this. Now you can easily loosen your tight shoes at home with some easy tips.
So here are the magical ways to stretch your shoes a little so that they can fit you.
1. Wear thick pair of socks
One of the easiest ways to stretch up your shoes is to wear a thick pair of socks. Now use a hair dryer and give frequent heat while bending your feet a little.
2. Use rubbing alcohol
Pour some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spay some rubbing alcohol on your shoes. But avoid spraying it on leather shoes.
3. Insert crumpled newspapers
Scrunch up some wet newspapers to loosen the tighten shoes. It’s one of the best methods to stretch your shoes.
4. Water bags
Put water bag into the shoe and keep it into the deep freezer to cool for 4-8 hours. Once the water has turned to ice, remove the bags from the shoes and put them on to check their fit.
5. Fill oats
Fill your boots with oats that swells up when immersed into water overnight. The grain will swell overnight. Now check the fit of your shoes.
6. Wear shoes at home
The easiest way to loosen your shoes is to wear them at home. You just need to simply put them on and roam around the house, until they adjust to your feet. This might take few days but surely work out.
So try these tips and do comment below the experience of stretching out your new shoes.
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