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The Jungle Book is a much celebrated movie which came out in October, 2016. The movie has become this humongous hit and fast forwarding 2 years, we have another movie coming up based on the same book. Therefore, audience have become rather confused about why making 2 stories in the same subject that too almost back to back!
The poster of The Jungle Book
The poster of Mowgli:
So, The Jungle Book by Walt Disney Pictures mostly catered to the kids and Mowgli, on the other hand, by the Warner Bros. Pictures have no such obligations to cater to the kids. Since, there is not suitability or censoring issue, thus, Mowgli is a much darker and edgier movie, atleast from the look of it.
Reasons why these two movies are different:
1. It has darker live action and maybe at the end of the movie you will discover that indeed the truth is dark and twisted. Maybe humans are the real animals!
2. The film stars Rohan Chand, Matthew Rhys, and Freida Pinto and voices of Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Naomie Harris, and Serkis. When exceptional talents like these come together, you immediately know that there must be some reason that they in the movie.
3. The Jungle Book has a much soft and innocent portrayal of Mowgli, here, he is shown as a legend, survivor of a much edgier screenplay.
4. The tagline of the movie says: Outcast. Survivor. Legend. This itself speaks volumes about differentiating the movie from one another.
5. The Jungle Book is completely animated with just one human being in the entire movie, whereas, the newer take has more humans which shows the vulnerability even more.
Scheduled to be released on October 19, 2018, in Real D 3D and IMAX 3D.
Check out the trailer:
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