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The first step to fall in a physical relationship is undoubtedly, the first kiss. Everyone remembers their first kiss. For some it’s just out of the world whereas for others it’s just horrible. Each of us has our first kiss memories which are intact in our hearts and minds. We have to admit that it is something magical that touches our souls deeply.
Well, mine was no less than magical too ;). Though I am not gonna discuss that here :p
I am sure those who are reading must be recalling their first kiss moments. Trust me guys, there is nothing greater than remembering that butterfly moment when you completely lose control of your body and owe yourself to the partner in crime. LOL! Am I right? Ummm….. Your noise echoing in my ears --- YES, YES, YES! Ha-ha!
First kiss stories are always fascinating and lovable to read. We have asked some Quora users about their experience of first kiss and imagine guys……….
They really put their heart out and said everything they felt about their first kiss. Let’s check out the love tales-
During the movie, I told her to come close so that she can put her head on my shoulder.I kissed her forehead. Then suddenly she took her lips toward my lips and kissed me.Oh my god. I can't believe I was having my first kiss. I could realize it. Again, she kissed. This time for a longer time. Around 30 seconds.
Exhilarating. I mean, there weren’t “fireworks” because of the way it happened, but afterwards it took awhile to slowly sink in, and when it finally did, I just wanted to squeal.
Adreline rush. I was nervous. Shaking. To sum up, the first kiss to me was like mixed of water, saliva, confusion, happiness, “romantic” or whatever you say. Oh thank god, I brushed my teeth that day.
French "First Kiss" was definitely an amazing experience for me. We kissed vigorously and then went outside the room to check if there was anyone in the vicinity. Fortunately, there wasn't. So the CPU inside me went into Wild Mode once more. This time, the "Guy who could not talk to a Girl before" pulled her close and kissed her vigorously against the wall.
I got this idea from the TV ad of dairy milk and I was like it may work. I got one dairymilk with me and asked her for a walk around our beautiful campus and we started walking with hand in hand and I offered her this chocolate.. then while she started eating I asked her to share it and then we kissed. It was the best feeling of my life…. It felt so good that I dont have words to describe it.
What is that you do with you hair, like you got a electric shock?" I said using my both hands to play with his hair and all of a sudden, he held my both hands, brought them down, came super duper close to me and stopped there for like 5 seconds. My heart started pumping blood at a super abnormal speed. It was like, it would just come out of my rib cage and I would be dead in no time. And then, something happened and we both did it.
And the last one which was not that romantic-My first kiss was a disaster, we both hit our teeth! And we didn't know what we were doing but we laughed pretty hard and continue until we kind of got it.
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