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It was the year 1999, that Indian film industry got its very own mascot for optimism – The extravagant, The grand and The Sanskaari “HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN.
The film was a huge affair and is still one of the most celebrated films of all time, we still find families binge watching the exhausting 3h48min documentary on how to celebrate occasions like a pro.
So, today we have taken it for the team to go ahead and break the film for a deeper insight, here we go:-
The film is a live example of how to always be energetic and feel good about yourself without relying on pots from Malana Village.
Ok, so huge family, rich AF and nobody even goes to work. Everybody loves everybody else (like way too much, normal families don’t have this much love and affection and I can vouch for that) and still it isn’t incestuous.
The film takes a subtle take on consensual sex as well, yeah, don’t believe me? See, in the movie, everybody knows whom they are going to marry and even their parents are like “haan beta, tum ekdoosre ko sex kro kyuki hamne to umbilical cord kaat te hi decide karlia tha ki kiski peepee kiske hoohoo jayegi”.
So, moving ahead to the most important section of the film that covered 3 hours out of the run time of 3h 48min, FUNCTIONS *_*
Everyday it’s a fucking party at Ramkishan’s mansion with full on singing, dancing, roll playing and what not!
Oh, btw, this film also introduced us to some of the most inspiring lyrics of all time, for instance:
I Love You.
Yes, these fuckers made a song out of alphabet.
And we could have tolerated the absurd lyrics but then they did something even more mind boggling, they gave BHAI a fucking BUS to drive *shivers* ……. *more shivers*…… *almost dead* , yes, not a bike, not even a car but a fucking bus.
Now, as everything was going so merry and the director had no clue how to carry forward the film, he brings in the most easily available tool out there, M-E-L-O-D-R-A-M-A
So, the minor setback arrives as Maa goes thoda dramatic and asks her stepson to leave, *dhumtanannananan*, oh, reason? Well, she is brainwashed by her friends, yes she had no issue for like 30 years but when her friends persuaded her to ditch her stepson she agrees because dosti ki hai to nibhani padegi bro!
And amidst all this tension, there is no stoppage on the flow of money, Ek factory aur khol li.
In a case where the family is breaking apart, there is so much tension in the air, any sane person will face a mental breakdown but not this family, this family is a fucking BOSS.
In the end (as expected), everyone comes back together because Ham Saath Saath hain, BHAARI OPTIMISM ALERT, Der saver it is going to get fine but iska matlab yeh nahi ki aap factory kharidna chor do. *sigh*
Troll this film as much as you can but let us face it, it accounts for one of our favourite guilty pleasure, so keep singing with sheer optimism:
I Love You.
Valuable Inputs from Muskaan Sharma
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