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Every guy, after hitting puberty, starts day dreaming about when and how he will let his little master do some wonders over the comfy bed or sofa or car, ok, I should really stop on my daydreaming list now! *Bahut sare chuckles*
But jokes apart, Involving in a sexual act is a human need and people (especially: Tanhaa Laundey) face certain hassles when it is going to be their debut at the grand match of “oomph”.
So, here are the 3 roadblocks that a Virgin guy faces before losing his “V” forever :-
1). Duvidha ka Saagar
When it’s the first time, nervousness and anxiety is a normal thing to kick in because you are a rookie at this game, so you will ask many questions to yourself related to your performance and stuff. But do not let performance anxiety ruin your moment, all you need to do is to believe on yourself and go to the pavilion to hit a SIX.
2). Daawat-e-Sex
In a big fat feast, it is impossible to choose what to eat and what not, isn’t it? In the same way, it gets really tough for a first timer to purchase a good cap for his little fella, yea, yea I am talking about C-O-N-D-O-M-S and why not? I mean there is such a wide array in the market, too many sizes, too many varieties, too many flavours; even a pro can get confused but trust your instincts or take help/advices from your cool (read: tharki) friends.
3). Charam Anand hi Lakshya hai!
Although, it can be a little tough for a first timer to give an actual Charam Anand or say Orgasm (damn, you guys are such English brats) but as the saying goes Namumkin Kuch Bhi Nahi, do something extra, ignite the fire but always remember to give an orgasm to your partner because that is the key to register your name in her fond memories. *winks*
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