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Have you ever noticed that someone is watching you and when you look around, no one is there? What is the first thought that comes to your mind that time?
A spirit?
Do you shiver with fear or just take it easy? Well, we are not here to make you scared nor we are saying that you are surrounded by someone but we can definitely say that there is indeed something that is bothering you in some or the other way. Not being superstitious, we try to make you believe that, yes, if you are feeling something unnatural around you then there might be some supernatural power that is bothering you.
We have surveyed the internet and after questioning and listening to the experienced of many people, we are here to tell you about the signs that indicate the presence of a ghost or a spirit around. So here I would ask some questions to you and if the answer is in ‘Yes’ then beware! You are right under the eye of a spirit.
Read the questions and think of an answer thinking twice about it!
Q1- Have you ever felt a shadow rising up towards the ceiling and when you looked around there was nothing?
If yes, then some spirit is there to contact you!
Q2 - Have you ever experienced a sudden touch on your shoulder when no one is behind you?
If yes, then that someone might be a spirit!
Q3 - Have you ever experienced bathroom lights fluctuating frequently?
If yes, then there is some super natural power around you!
Q4 - Have you ever listened to the uneasy sounds specially when you are alone at home?
If yes, then beware!
Q5 - Have you ever heard the sound of someone’s shrilling cry that you don’t experience normally?
If yes, that might be a spirit!
Q6 - Does your pet (Cat or Dog) notice anything, stare blankly and then bark like anything when nothing is there?
If yes, then something unnatural is bothering them!
Q7- Do you experience a sudden knock when nobody is at the door?
If yes, thennnn…………..
Don’t be afraid if you are experiencing something like that. Always pray at the end of your day and remember that you are never alone.
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