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From his world famous pout to his killing dance moves, Karan Johar is the biggest entertainer we have in Bollywood. He is sassy, funny, real, king of comebacks and at the same time unapologetic about himself.
Here are 10 times when KJo proved that he is the funniest and sassiest of all:
When he was not shy to take a funny dig on his own picture
When he had an appropriate reply for Shaadi kab karoge
When he had no shame in talking about his laziness
When he didn't spare Kajol
When he was truly unapologetic
When he had no fucks to give
When he had the balls to call it a fake compliment
When he became fashion critic and gave his verdict on Neha Dhupia's outfit
When he had no pity for his guests
When he was available for the role of a dead photo
When he openly admitted having phone sex
When he roasted the hell out of Ranveer Singh
When he was like all the single people
When he stole the show
And how can we not mention his ridiculous but adorable dance moves
And this one where he totally owns it
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