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Wearing tight clothes, be it summer or winter, is absolutely injurious to health. This may trigger infection to your body as well as affect your organs inside the body too. This sounds little awkward but that’s completely true. Wearing tight and fitted clothes out of fashion causes severe damage to the body. The young generation does not actually bother about these things and go on wearing the stuffs that are not good for them.
But I would suggest that if you want to be fashionable you don’t specifically need tight clothes. You can set a fashion trend with cool and comfortable clothes too. For that you need to be healthy and wise enough.
Today I share some of the routine wear clothes which may harm your body. Check out!
1. Colored underwear
Fabric dye present in these stuffs can cause severe harm especially to the genital areas. The chemical may penetrate into your body through genital organs and trigger infection.
2. Bra’s underwire
These are mostly made of nickel metal. To protect your body from these hard metal straps replace your bra with any other soft and unwired bra.
3. Skinny jeans
The tight fitted jeans surely compress the nerves of the legs. Moreover the fabric of the jean rubs against the skin which leads to sweat, hence causes bacterial and fungal infections.
4. Spanx
Too tight shape wears can squash your organs and trigger stomach pains and gastric issues. If you like to wear it, don’t make it a habit. Wear it occasionally.
5. Leggings
Wearing the same legging again can cause infection in the skin. The sweat and the oil process get disturbed which causes rashes and ringworms.
6. Last night pajamas
Those who sleep without underwear, this is especially for them. It’s really important to change your night pajamas as it is to change your underwear daily. Becteria can enter your urethra if you don’t change your dirty pajamas. So sleep in clean pajamas every night.
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