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Have you ever thought something different about the routine objects that you use every day? The things like bags, t-shirts, handkerchief, combs, goggles, lippers, etc are the part and parcel of our life. These everyday things are often overlooked by us in the sense that we never thought of these objects in a unique way. What if these non living things used to talk to us or might think something. What if they indulge in a conversation once we are out of the house?
What will they think about us, about each other and about themselves? What if they had feelings too? So many curious questions to ask, isn’t it?
Why not to create something out of it. Do you really want to know what I am thinking right now? Then let’s get started! Imagine what thoughts would be there in the minds of these objects which we fail to understand.
Here we go!
1. Sad shopping bag
"I feel so empty. When are we going for shopping?"
2. Pissed off glares
"Noo!!! Sun rays would kill me. Don’t take me out!"
3. Ever excited hand bag
"Choose me today! I am matching your dress."
4. Sexy perfume
"My fragrance would magnetize so many men towards you."
5. Mobile in full swag
"I am 24*7 king of his/her life."
6. Naughty lipstick
"I kiss her all the time, you poor boy!"
7. Indecent t-shirt
"Sticking to the body is more fun, dear lipstick. LOL!"
8. Dirty bed, Haww!!
"I watch adult movies every day. Ha ha!"
Cool no? So go home, have a look at these non living objects and just smile thinking about these stuffs. You will surely enjoy it!
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