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Virat Kohli the heartthrob of every woman around him. Every woman wants him and every man wants to be like him. He is the inspiration and icon to millions of people in and around India. Kohli’s magic is not just limited to the cricket field. He is opening his wings into the fashion industry as well.
Virat is now seen among the list of most stylish men. Kohli has a good taste in fashion. Whether we talk about his clothes, footwear or his hairstyles, Kohli knows how to maintain it all. You must have seen him having different hairstyles and every time you see him with a new look a thought must have crossed your mind. A thought where you imagine looking like him.
Well your wish just came true. Here are some hairstyles inspired by Virat Kohli. Next time you go to the barber, you can have one of these hairstyles.
1. Mohawk hair style
This hairstyle looks so good on Virat Kohli and it goes perfectly well with the beard. He kept his hair a little bit messy and trimmed his beard.
2. Taper fade hairstyle
This was the first time when Kohli got taper fade haircut. This haircut is a little high maintenance as you have to get a haircut very often to look good.
3. Short Undercut
Yet another hairstyle inspired by Virat Kohli which is not complicated but looks so stylish.
4. Captain’s simple hairstyle
This one was Virat’s best look for sure. Simple and elegant. For days when you don’t want to look like the most stylish person in the room, you can use this hairstyle.
5. Short Quiff with lines
Though Virat’s hairstyle arte always classy this one was rather badass. And with this he proved he can pull off any hairstyle with perfection.
6. The thick side quiff
Look how good he looks without putting any extra effort. This hairstyle is easy to achieve. All you have to do is outgrow your shorter hair and style it like him.
7. Low fade with a line
Virat Kohli is the master of this fade hairstyle. He certainly has had the fade hairstyle before as well but not this one. Here he went with a high fade and a line that separates the hair from between. Looks modern and classy.
8. The Modern Look
Virat certainly do have a taste for style that’s why he always comes up with so many different hairstyles that too one after another.
9. The Neat Look
The shape of his hair compliments the shape of his face. And the beard adds up extra oomph to the whole look.
10. The Messy Look
I told you there is something about this man. He looks good with the messy hair look too.
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