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After the big bang in the universe, the world started developing; we faced many issues and tackled them to finally make a world we can live comfortably in.
But, there is one thing that still haunts a normal human being’s senses, that still makes our soul shiver, something so sickening that all the einsteins and newtons failed to discover its cure.
You must be getting curiosity cramps in your body, so let me unravel the mystery and introduce you to CRYPTIC EMOJI.
Yes, these cryptic emojis are much more menacing than any other ammunition in the god damn world for they have the potential of killing most of the brain cells within seconds.
Imagine, you are talking to someone, the conversation is flowing real smooth and from nowhere this appears:
You start analyzing your words and doubting your conscious, you start thinking if you have said anything wrong.
This emoji, not just kills the patience and the flow but also forces one to become a Sherlock to dig what is the feel and tone of the person who has sent you this emoji because this emoji can depict anger, laughter, happiness, ignorance, insult and almost everything, you name it and it’s there.
You get stuck in the ocean of tone and expression to detect what is the actual tone so that you can frame your answer accordingly. *irritation swaying already*
According to a research done by NASA, it was found that this emoji becomes even more treacherous when accompanied with its irritating best friend “HMMM”. The extent of destruction is way too high when these collaborate.
Leaving you with this screenshot which your grey cells won’t be able to repress, HAPPY DEATH to your intellect!
This poor chap spent half of his lifetime to frame an answer but eventually failed. If reports are to be believed, he is spending rest of his life in a mental asylum. *SAD REACTS ONLY*
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