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If you are sitting at your office desk right now and complaining to the almighty about your dreadful fate because you think you have the worst boss of all then wait till you read about these satans . Bosses are made with a purpose of making our life a living hell but still your boss can’t be worse than these. This will take away your Monday blues and will make you appreciate your boss because come on he/she is not that bad and now you will know they don’t completely suck.
Here are some of the worst bosses from TV that will make you feel good about yours.
1. Mr. Burns – The Simpsons
Mr. Burns was a satan hiding behind the identity of boss, I think everybody will agree no matter who you ask. He tortured and made everyone’s life a living hell.
2. Michael Scott – The Office
Everyone who has seen this mockumentary loved and hated Michael Scott at the same time. If you haven’t seen The Office yet, watch it now and you will instantly start feeling good about your boss. He is a good but mean boss and not to forget he acts like a mean bastard with people he don't like, for example: poor Toby (from the HR). If you are in the HR department you definitely won't want Michael Scott as your boss and praise lord if you don't have a boss like him.
3. Wilhelmina Slater - Ugly Betty
She is a rude, snarky boss. And she will do anything to sabotage the career of the people who works for her. Is your boss sabotaging your career? If not then you have a good reason to continue working for him.
4. Don Draper - Mad Men
Though he is shown as a man with brain but we can’t overlook the fact that he has a bullish personality.
5. Alice Murphy - Workaholics
Sure her employees are not so good themselves and so she needs to become a hardass sometimes and have to be rude to them but her life is a total mess which is a big reason why she can’t control things going on in her office.
6. Douglas Reynholm - The IT Crowd
Thank heaven for not ending you up in a office with a boss like him. He is sexist and highly inappropriate. You are at a good place.
7. Louis Litt - Suits
He is bloody good at his job no doubt but won’t you agree that it would be a disaster to have a man like him around you for even half of your day.
8. Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock
Jack climbed up the ladder of success on his own but during this journey he became self-obsessed. He often takes the work credit from others, treats his assistant in a horrible way and many times puts his blame on others.
I started loving my boss more after this. *wink* *wink*
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