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Food pictures are the most interesting thing to see on instagram. It makes your account look so colourful and tempting at times. If you are a foodie, you know the enormous amount of happiness and excitement you experience when you see food pictures on your feed.
Social media has made it so easier for everyone to look around that we know about things that are out of our radius. And we as foodie get to see these amazing creations of the food gods’ right on the screen of our smartphone. No matter you are on a diet or not on a diet, looking at food pictures will never make you feel sad or angry. Am I right folks?
This one’s for all the foodies out there. Aankhein sake lo! Here are 10 popular Indian chefs you must follow on instagram to make your feed happier and colourful (full of food). This is going to be absolute treat for your eyes.
1. Manish Mehrotra
2. Saransh Goila
3. Kunal Kapoor
4. Vikas Khanna
5. Megha Kohli
6. Anahita Dhondy
7. Ranveer Brar
8. Bani Nanda
9. Prateek Sadhu
10. Pooja Dhingra
After this treat to my eyes, I need to go treat myself with some good food. You don't forget to follow these food gods, so that you keep getting daily updates on their tasty recipes. Thank me later for this!
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