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It happens to everyone. Whenever you get ready for college or office, your mom always checks you out from head to toe. Isn’t it? She makes sure that her child is looking perfect. But at times you get stuck in a situation where your mom gets the chance to criticize you fully for your dressing sense and that normally happens every day. Well! Thanks to the new fashion trends - ripped jeans, cold shoulders that provoke our moms to put down our morale before we step out the house.
The remarks almost kill us and make us feel like running away from the situation. But, but, but! You can’t escape from this trap. Mom is mom. She will just drag your bag and continue with her powerful remarks. Until or unless she is not finished with her words, she will make you stand like a statue in front of her.
And at times when you just fail to win over her, changing into a new outfit seems to be the best idea. Oh God! Someone, please tell moms that these are the new fashion trends that they don’t know about and its like- ‘Chlta hai Yaar’.
So here I have collated some funny remarks by mothers who do not have even a little knowledge about the bizarre fashion choices that are in.
1. Ripped jeans
"Are ye to phat gyi, la sil du"
2. Flip flops
"Jo itne joote ikthe kiye hain use frame kra le"
3. Crop tops
"Ye blouse sa pehn kr kider ja rhi hai"
4. Culottes
"Ye kya adha sa pjama pehna hai"
5. Coloured hair
"Ye holi ka rang kha se lgva kr aa gyi"
6. Shoulder cuts
"Are, ye tumare top ki baju to nikl gyi"
7. Tattoos
"Bs yhi din dekhna reh gya tha kya"
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