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The world is certainly full of so many funny people. Precisely, the fun feature of our life gets enhances when these quirky people cross their limits and become excessively funny and behave weird. Sometimes it’s annoying while the other times it’s fun too. I am basically talking about the people who get drunk so much that most of them even forget their own identity. There are some sophisticated ones who drink within their limits and enjoy the party to the core. But the others, who go over their limits, they pass out and then they need someone to support them.
For some, drinking too much is fun for themselves and after having 2-3 shots they do something out of control that makes us out of control. But whatever the things is, drinking too much and doing stupid funny things keeps the party alive and gives us a chance to forget our life blues. So, I would say, if you are one of those funny drunkards, then keep it up guys! :D
Here I have a compilation of types of funny drunkards who make us feel lively every time we think of them. So get ready to memorize these funny people for your future laughter.
1. Nagin dance expert
Be like- “Main teri dushman, dushman tu mera, main naagin tu speraaa…”
2. A vegan who eats non-veg after 2-3 pegs
Before getting drunk- “Are main non-veg nhi khata”
After certain pegs- “Kya hai Fish? Taste to kra de bhai”
3. Devdas
Be like- “Vo chod kr chli gyi bhai”
4. Puke expert
Be like- “Bhai, glass pakad, main abi aya”
5. A forever sleeper
Be like- “Zzzzzzzz……”
6. One who disappears
Crowd- “Are abi to yha tha, kha gya??”
7. A proud singer
He would sing a song- “Main tera boyfriend, tu meri girlfriend…..”
8. A silent one
9. An orator
Be like- “Bhaiyo or unki behno, ye bat hai un dino ki....."
10. The confident one-
Be like- “Are tere bhai ko kuvh nhi hoga, la ek peg or de”
Literally, they can never be sophisticated!
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