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Imagine, you have survived the ruthless week to reach the weekend to get your head banging to Pink Floyd’s amazing tunes, you are doing pretty fine, life is looking great, there is booze, your friends, some great Netflix docu-dramas and just then you blink your eye and its M-O-N-D-A-Y again.
Yes, Monday blues can be so bad that it can totally make you get drown in the ocean of despair and anxiety can kick your butt like Thanos kicked Avengers’.
But, you've got our support, we went ahead and interviewed some really famous and successful people around the UNIVERSE and inquired about their mantra to beat the Blues, let us hear it from them: -
1). Pretend to be Happy
Monday Blues can be really exhausting but don’t let it fade away your smile, even if you are feeling really irritated, just pretend that you are happy and eventually you will forget that you are facing the Blues.
Commenting on the topic, Janice, brand ambassador of Smile association said:
2). Think about the Salary slip
Monday doesn’t let anyone work, sleepy and puffy eyes, the intoxication of weekend and the urge to run back home are some of the most common symptoms of this disease but here you will have to remind yourself about the fat cheque you are gonna get at the end of the month and that might help you to pass through vicious Monday because there is no better motivation than the materialistic thing called Money. Am I right or am I right?
Talking about this, famous entrepreneur Vijay comments:
3). Listen to Cringe pop
Listening to legends like Dhinchak Pooja and others can certainly get your Monday Blues fade away for you will get a motivation that Monday Blues aren’t shittier than this and you can survive it.
We also got a chance to meet the National lover turned Transport ka Devta who made his wife study by driving buses, Heera Thakur, he commented:
Hope, you got enough reasons to pass the wrath of this curse called Monday!
Happy, ugh, sorry, SAD MONDAYING!
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