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On weekends, we go out to have some break from the week blues. Most of us go for shopping, exploring street foods and even trying some new restaurants. Well, if you have been to various restaurants for having lunch or dinner, you may have come across different personalities. These are specifically restaurants freaks yet funny enough to be a part of that dining place. There are some funny creatures that regularly come to dine at restaurants but never learnt how to behave. This way they become a laughing stock to everyone.
Some of them are too annoying to handle. And the major issue is that we have to take their stupid gestures calmly. Whatever they do but one thing is good about them that sometimes they entertain us all the while.
So here are some entertainers who you may come across at almost all restaurants.
1. The complainers
“Waiter, ye thanda hai, ise grm kr k lao”
2. The Snapchat freaks
“Kitna yummy lg ra hai, aao snapchat kre!”
3. Love cupids
“Doing kissing, Hugging and stuffs”
4. Ketchup freaks
“Bhaiya, red sauce to dedo”
5. The show-offs
“Are kaise tutega bhai”
6. Laughter experts
“Ha ha ha! Are bhai, mza aa gya”
7. Selfie freaks
“Aao yaar, selfie le le zra”
8. Newcomers
“Bhaiya, ye nimbu nichod k pani pi lu kya?”
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