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Nostalgia is a kind of recollection of past that makes us so happy that we regret that what did we grow up? That is exactly what is happening but it is way too worse. The kind of music available nowadays does pressurize us to get depressed.
Recently, A.R. Rahman gave an interview where he mentioned that he is doing a research on how music can affect mental state of a person. With songs and lyrics like ‘Chaar Botal Vodka, Kaam Mera Roz Ka’ and ‘Gandi baat’ even if not nostalgia, we anyway are regretting our existence in middle of these musical geniuses.
So, here are the 90’s pop songs which can calm your ears and make you feel good about your life again:
1. Tanha dil – Shaan
The time we started to explore, find meaning of our life.
2. Sayonee - Junoon
This song is till date so apt and singers sing it with full heart.
3. Leja leja – Shreya Ghosal and Ustad Sultan Khan
The combination of melody and rhythm is amazing.
4. Pari hun main – Suneeta Rao
This song was full of swag when the word was not even discovered!
5. Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai – Lucky Ali
Our beautiful love song, we all were dreamy. The song still has the power tto make us dreamy.
6. Made In India -Alisha Chinai
This song not only wwas an anthem at the time but gave us the national treasure Milind Soman.
7. Maeri – Euphoria
The innocence is unreal.
8. Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha- Bally Sagoo and Malkit Singh
We all grew up with this as our teenage song.
9. Yeh Hawa Kehti Hai Kya – Aryans
Our go-to song when we were falling madly for our crush.
10. Piya Basanti -Ustad Sultan Khan and Chitra
And our go-to songs when mom-dad were saying not to be in relationship with that guy.
11. Ab mujhe raat din – Sonu Nigam
Our dreamy song!
12. Mujhko bhi tu lift kara de – Adnan Sami
When we had to deal with our life crisis!
I am pretty sure that I have just covered maybe 10% of those amazing songs but you get the point right? These songs are much more than just nostalgia, it has the power to fix our human emotions maybe!
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