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As we know that global warming has caused drastic and adverse effects on the environment, the temperature is rising at a rocket speed.
India is also getting roasted in the summer season and according to latest reports this place in India was the hottest on Sunday.
According to the weather office:
Madhya Pradesh on Sunday remained smothered in heat, with the temperatures steadily rising and famed tourist spot of Khajuraho the hottest in the country at 47.2 degrees Celsius.
Yes, Khajuraho was the place that faced the rage of the heat.
According to the report by the local meteorological office, this was the second time in May that Khajuraho recorded a maximum of over 47 degrees. Apart from this, quite a few other places, including Gwalior, Ratlam, and Rajgarh, recorded temperatures in excess of 46 degrees.
We urge the people to stay indoors, as far as it is possible and always stay hydrated!
Inputs- IANS
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