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With the heat and warmth increasing everyday it becomes important to put our attention on body odour. In summers it becomes important to fight against the bad odour, but it is also important to choose the right fragrance that suits your skin and personality. Always try to use the sample fragrance outside the store when it is unaffected by the effect of air conditioning.
Choosing the right scent can uplift your mood and enhance your personality. But you can’t wear the same scent for the whole year, so as your makeup routine changes according to summers and winters similarly you should work on your body fragrance according to the season.
Choose your fragrance according to your mood
Different fragrance invokes different feelings in us. So when choosing a fragrance for yourself think about what mood you want to encourage. There is a scent out there that will be a match.
Perfect summertime notes
We all have different choices when it comes to fragrance notes but you have to agree on this that certain notes are meant for summer. Some obvious notes for summer are coconut, watermelon, verbena and jasmine. So when you go to find a scent for yourself it will be good to make a mental note of what notes it consists of.
Do your research
There are so many options to choose from now, so it is quite obvious to be confused while buying a fragrance that suits you. Therefore it is best to do your research beforehand. Do some research online before going to the store.
Bottle Size
I think you should consider looking for and spend on extra-large size bottles. It is going to cost you because a good perfume won’t come cheap or easy on your pocket, so it is better to buy a big bottle at once.
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