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You have to agree with me that we are certainly having some old t-shirts that are just lying in your closet. The biggest problem is that you don’t give them away too because so many of them are still your favorites. Well, don’t worry we have something creative for you. You can easily turn these old t-shirts to something new that would certainly excite you. No I am not talking about recreating your old tees but you can now design some fashionable accessories out of your old yet cute tees.
Just think how exciting is that without spending any money you are getting a new stuff!
Let’s start with it then. Here I would show you how to reuse your old ratty tee into something that would come out as an awesome style statement. Check this out!
1. Tote bag
You may transform your old tee into a tote bag. You just need to stitch the sides and add cute buttons over it. This would be done best with a tank top.
2. Head band-
A braided or simple headband can be created very easily. It looks stylish and gorgeous with different types of hairdos.
3. Bracelets
The cute hand bracelets would elevate your style among all. You can team them up with cool casuals and even with some semi- formals.
4. Neck accessories
This is amazing. You can create it with so many different colored old tees. Cris cross the strands like a braid and you are done. Also you can add a golden chain as a third strand while making a braid. Add some pieces of old broken accessory and you are completed.
5. Scarf
You can create a beautiful ruffled scarf by cutting the old tees randomly and then make frills of that by stitching. A simple scarf with fringes or strings will also give a different look.
6. Belt
This is fascinating. Now use your old t-shirt and make a braided belt out of it. You can make so many belts of different colors. Just add a buckle of old broken belt in the middle and you are done.
8. Cute bun tie
This would give your messy hair bun a pretty glance. You may also double it as a pony hair band. So no need to ask anything from others!
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