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Have you ever thought that if animals would behave like us and express their feeling just like human beings then how would they look? Imagine the angry mom expression on mother squirrel’s face! I would smile and continue to smile thinking about the cute face of squirrel giving motherly expressions while scolding her child.
Well, the latest entries of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 have come up with some pretty and exciting pictures that are worth watching. They would bring smile on your face and give you a break from your hectic schedule. You just need to watch their funny human expressions that have been captured on camera and are literally praiseworthy. We don’t know who is going to win this photography competition but yes I can make you sure that these goofy pictures are purely fun loving and should be appreciated.
So, drop everything else and have a look at human emotions dwelling in these animals:
1. King Penguins seems like singing like Himesh Reshamiya
“oooooooo, aashik bnaya apne”
2. Wild red squirrel who seems like a fitness freak
“aj to zada pushups marugi”
3. Old Lemur uncle being shocked seeing couple kissing under the tree
“Hey ram! Kya din aa gye hain”
4. Mother ground squirrel is yelling out to her son like Indian desi mothers
“Ye time hai ghar ane ka”
5. The two bears during their struggle of impressing a girl in college
“Ae, vo meri hai, smjha”
6. A shy rabbit girl is hiding her face from her lover
“Ap to bde vo hain”
7. Female Moose showing her tongue out while teasing his brother
“Mera homework to khtm ho gya, tera kya hoga kaliya.”
8. A blue shark giving teeth smile to the camera saying
“Maine aj colgate se brush kiya h”
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