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Hey guys! Here is a new gossip for you. This time it’s not Alia and Ranbir but of course someone from Bollywood. Here’s a new couple who is going around. Can you guess who is it?
It’s Priyanka Chopra. Surprised no? But let me tell you, she is not romancing an Indian man. Since she is now a big star in Hollywood, it’s obvious to get along and have a scene with Hollywood guy. Isn’t it?
Wanna know whom Priyanka is dating?
It’s Nick Jones. He is a Hollywood pop star and is dashing indeed. This 25-year-old American singer seems to have so much attraction towards this gorgeous Bollywood lady. According to Us Weekly, "They are dating and it’s brand new”. It's a good match and they are both interested in each other.
They have seen together at so many places in fact they entered together at Met Gala 2017. There is definitely something steaming up between them and we are happy about it. They were even spotted together spending Memorial Day weekend. Moreover, she has recently seen with him at the Beauty and the Beast concert Hollywood and an LA Dodgers game. Before the beginning of the show they were seen together holding hands, told the insider top US Weekly.
So so so, what do you think about the new couple? I think they look great together and hopefully we get to hear something more than holding hand gesture. ;)
You are finally heading to the right way Priyanka! All the best pretty lady.
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