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Bollywood movies often exaggerate love, love stories and how two people fall in love with each other. Yes there is pyaar – takraar in the real life love stories but the other parts which our Bollywood movies show us might not be present in a normal person’s love life. There is a hero, heroine and a villain in every love story even the real ones but the villain trying to kill the hero or the family making our heroine marry the villein is too cliche and not normally happens in our life’s.
Also not to forget the songs with millions of background dancers appearing from nowhere to the front of the screen is going on from a very long time and I think should stop. Cinema should be a little more real, a little more closer to reality. It should make us feel dreamy sometimes because it is the only way to get away from the sad truths of life but then there should not be a lack of the real stories as well.
There are a lot of love or should I say romance based movies given to us by Bollywood. But not many of them could make us feel real, not make us feel like ‘that is my story’. But a few times they got it right. Here are some Bollywood movies that showed realistic love.
1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Some parts of this film speak to us. We have been through this teda love situation where we love someone so much but it’s just friendship for the other person and we don’t want to be friendzoned but at the same time we don’t want to lose that person as well. But this movie beautifully portrays that pain and that relation.
2. Dum Laga K Haisha
This film was a good example of how arrange marriages are beautiful in their own way. It showed the journey of a man and his wife, two people who didn’t know each other but had to get married due to parental pressure. But marriage is the quest of finding love in the journey and that’s what they did.
3. Wake up Sid
Wake up Sid portrays the confusion of our generation, how we are never quite sure about things. It was a very relatable film and showed urban relationship and its nuances in the most pure form.
4. Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani
This movie showed a new take on love, friendship and life. It showed how there are people who are in love with their work and they believe in chasing their passion but that does not mean they don’t celebrate love. It showed that there is a time for everything.
5. The LunchBox
A story about a relationship that was beyond labels, that didn’t require a tag for it to keep going. Two people who found companionship in each other though they never actually met.
6. Piku
Most people will argue that this was not a romantic movie but I think it had the cutest love story of all. Rana and Piku love each other but they both are aware of their circumstances but still no one forces anyone to spell things out or no one gives an ultimatum. That was the beauty of it.
7. Qarib Qarib Single
Two people meet on a dating app and eventually find their way towards love. Isn’t that the modern love story?
8. Barfi
The love story of a deaf and a mute guy with an autistic girl. It wasn’t the story of a rich guy trying to impress a poor girl or vice versa. It is a pure love story. A love story that didn’t need a language to move forward. It just made me believe that we find love in the most unusual people and places.
9. Tamasha
This movie perfectly shows the concept that people change with time. You might think that you know a person and yet after a time find out that he/she is not the person you thought they were.
10. Cocktail
This might have been the story for a lot of people that would have made them feel like its their story. Sometimes we fall in love with a person who loves someone else and this might have happened with a lot of you. And no matter what you do to get them back it just don’t work out. That is the fact you have to accept. You can’t make someone love you. This movie showed it perfectly.
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