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Here’s something new about Ranbir Kapoor, this time. If we talk about the trailer of Sanju, Ranbir has undoubtedly nailed the look and surprised everyone with his flawless performance. People have started talking about him and appreciating his talent which depicts that this time he is going to be an inspiration for all.
Since, Ranbir is famous these days because of his linkup rumors with Alia Bhatt, this film would indeed add an extra element. Adding more masala let’s check out what Ranbir has just said about his girlfriends.
A scene from the Sanju’s trailor is quite surprising where Ranbir as Sanju reveals the number of girlfriends he has had on the whole. And the number is shockingly 350. Wooo! Strange yet true. And when Ranbir was asked about his count, the actor claimed, “I have had less than 10 girlfriends". Adding further he said that he is a romantic kind of guy and not tharki. Moreover, he likes love stories. So Ranbir, you are treading on the right path that is certainly kindling your romance rumors with Alia. Lol! He says that he is a romantic guy and not tharki.
Does he means that he is serious about his relationship? Is he giving hints to us time and again about his love affair?
Precisely guys! Recently when he was asked directly about his love lock with Alia, he remarked that it’s Too New ‘to talk about.
Well Ranbir, as you are giving your fans constant hints about your being in love, they are eagerly waiting for your confirmation to it. So speed up and announce your secret love tale. ;)
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