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Feel the familiar pain taking over your body again? It is your uterus telling you that things are going to be out of your hand for a while. This is the story of our life every month, right ladies? Your life might be going perfectly fine all this time and then your hormones go crazy and you become this different person suddenly. What sucks the most is that you can’t do anything to control these overwhelming and raging thoughts you are having right now.
But don’t let PMS win this time. Here are some things you can do when you are PMSing . You. Got. This.
1. Have some wine and don’t let your cramps win
Red wine can actually help you with the uterus contraction.
2. Have some pain relievers before the pain starts
Because guess what you are not going to get a medal for braving up cramps without taking any pain killers.
3. Use an App to track your monthly cycles
There are apps that can help you track your cycles each month and they can be actually helpful. This way atleast you will know why you are fighting with everyone.
4. Start using birth control
Fact: Birth controls can make your period shorter and can help making your flow lighter. Also you will have less severe hormonal swings. Aren’t these enough reasons for you to start?
5. Start eating dairy products before your period starts
Good calcium amount in your body is very important for you to be fine while you are PMSing. Calcium supplements can help you with your mood, cravings and pain.
6. Have a ugly cry
It's okay you can do it.
7. Attack that ice cream bowl in your fridge
Have as much as you want.
8. Binge watch all the crime/horror shows
Its good for your state of mind.
9. Have sex to get rid of pain and to feel awesome
Some really good sex will help reduce pain. Having an orgasm helps in releasing endorphins which makes you happy. So either you can have sex or just go solo and give yourself an orgasm.
10. Call your Parlor aunty and reschedule your waxing appointment
Right before your period your body’s threshold for pain reduces so you should probably take this advice.
11. Eat as much veggies (protein) as you can
Yes please!
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