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One of the famous South Indian dish is Dosa. Be it masala dosa or plain Dosa, it’s something that always makes me feel tempting towards it. It’s not only famous in south but people from almost every state eat it gladly. The crispy and crunchy dish with lots of potato filling inside makes it more delicious. It is paired with Sambar and coconut chutney that elate its taste to another level. This is basically a quick snack but can be eaten in breakfast or dinner. Infact it is healthy as it is made from lentils and rice.
Well, talking about it making me feel like eating it right now. But putting aside my temptation, I would like to tell you about various kind of dosa other than your regular ones. Have you ever heard or tasted its different varieties?
Let me tell you what are they and where you can have them!
1. Khali Dosa
These are purely different from the regular ones. Khali Dosas are famous in Karnataka and are paired up with potato gravy called sagu which quite spicy. They are fluffy and soft. The batter is made of raw rice, flattened poha and fenugreek seeds. All these ingredients are left to soak overnight. If you wanna taste it, you need to visit and explore Karnataka.
2. Ragi Dosa
It is a wheat based Dosa which is basically made from ragi, wheat and buttermilk. The ingredients are fermented overnight and then the batter is made which is then flavored with chopped onions, salt and green chilies. It is eaten with thick and spicy sambar.
3. Muttai Dosa
It is a popular dish in Tamil Nadu. It is famous for egg tempering which makes it more delicious and crispy. The dosa is steam cooked and is eaten with molaga podi i.e. spice powder
4. Appam
Famous in Kerala, it is a favorite breakfast item for all out there. Appams are made with coconut milk and fermented rice. Before pouring the Dosa batter in the wok, it is perfectly greased with coconut oil. This Appam dosa is eaten with brown chana curry. It is not cooked open rather it is covered with a lid while cooking.
5. Sarva Pindi
A famous Dosa from Telangana is popular for its different taste as it is made especially with split Bengal gram. These are soaked for an hour and then mixed with rice flour. It is then mixed with green chilies and onions chopped, salt, cumin seeds and a bit of oil. It is perfectly crispy and is eaten normally with red chili pickle.
So now, since you got to know the different varieties of dosa, which one would you like to taste first? Do comment below!
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