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Who says India is developing when some foolish fanatics still exist in the country who have no idea what to say about others. These so called well educated people don’t even have an idea what religion says. Is it says to criticize others? Who gave them this right to do that! It should be a shame for those who follow religion but don’t know how to respect that.
Recently, Bollywood superstar, Amir Khan posted a photograph on social media with her daughter Ira Khan where he is just chilling out with her. They seem to be in a family mood and it looks like as they are playing some game. A cute and healthy father daughter relation is clearly visible in the picture posted by Amir.
This is how Amir got trolled by some losers who feel elated in expressing their shitty thoughts.
This is how they have named ‘pornographic’ to the purest bond made by God. Shame on you people!
Also there were also some intellectual people who supported Amir.
Well, if a normal person would see this picture, he would definitely appreciate the loving father daughter bond. But we have some stupid and weird people in the country who are trolling Amir Khan in the name of religion. They have badly slammed Amir on twitter which is making all of us think about their poor mentality. These foolish and insane people certainly have nothing to do in life except finding people, criticizing them and then act as ‘Mahan Log’.
I just wanna ask them if they are ‘Nuts’ or something? Do you no values? Do you guys love to addressed as losers? If yes, then keep going! Because we will stop paying heed to your gross talks. Have fun!
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