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First dates always hold a special place in our heart. Right? First time when you were there with that one person you like a lot. First dates make everyone nervous. There is some sort of unpredictability in it. You have no idea what is going to happen next. You have no idea what are you going to talk about. Some first dates turns out to be pure magic while some we don’t want to remember. Oh also there are some funny dates. But if the first date goes really well, it stays always in our memory.
She is one hell of a stylish person. She not only looks beautiful at different parties or Bollywood events but she knows what to carry on normal days and make stellar fashion statements. She is the queen of casual fashion.
I guess that is why somewhere we hope that all of it turns out to be good. This Instagram account has a collection of people’s first date experience and it is making me fall in love.
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