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When we first enter a relationship, it’s natural to appear sweat and sophisticated to the partner. This is what human nature is. We always show our positive aspects and hide the things that are too gross in us. This grossness takes a deeper and clearer shape slowly and eventually. Then you reach a level where you get so open to your partner that sometimes you don’t realize how it just started. The perfections slowly changes into many imperfections and both pay no heed to them. They become a routine thing and we are normal about it.
So on the whole the stuffs we were hiding for so long come out in no time which actually gets unnoticed.
I know how curious you are to know about these gross things. LOL! Isn’t it? Oookkkk! Go on reading this. I am sure you are going to relate it to yourself if who have attained that comfort level.
1. Farts
You literally fart in front of each other. Girls generally feel shy initially but get used to it after 14 to 18 months. LOL!
2. Period talks
This also becomes a common topic between the two. Specially, when male partner wants to make love but she lets him down by explaining her reasons. Men generally get irritated listening to their painful stories. LOL
3. Poop discussions
Lol! This actually happens after the couple gets comfy. The shitty talks include the shit discussions. It generally goes like explaining the amount of poop that he or she has passed and how good they felt just after that.
4. Roaming around naked in front of him/her
You get adapted to the scenario. Your partner has had seen you naked so many times that you get used to it. Specially, in summers you feel so good. ;)
5. You pee in front of your partner
You both get used to the particular sound while doing pee in front of each other. You don’t even care to shut the door while peeing.
6. Morning breath does not resist you from kissing
So what if you haven’t brushed your teeth in the morning. The first kiss of the day never goes in vain. Bad odor never stops you for kissing each other. LOL!
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