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Indian weddings, as a told you before is actually a sight to behold. Other than clothing, food, bhangra- shangra, there is lot more to witness on typical weddings. Moreover an Indian wedding without the Rishtedars are not a good thing to think about. Imagine your sister is getting married and your relatives especially the funny ones are not there. Every relative have his own importance. Some are silent observers, some are talkative, some are big complainers and some are funny dancers. Each one of them has some talent that keeps the party live at night.
Other than all these relatives, the famous are the Aunties whom we should admire because if they were not there, who would do gossips. There are certainly different types of Aunties whom we want to avoid but we cannot because they will find you even if you hide behind the doors. They sometimes seem to be the queen of life and claim their ‘huk’ on you. Huh!
So next time you just need to look around and you would spot these aunties, may be you would find her standing in front of you!
1. Advisory Aunty
Beta shadi ko do sal ho gye, ab aage ka to socho!
2. Ashirwad Expert Aunty
Jiti rho beti, dudho nhao, puto falo!
3. Rishta Aunty
Beta, kitne sal k ho? Meri nzr mein ek bdi achi ldki dekhi hai!
4. Over- excited Aunty
Are bta toh, ldki valo ne kya kya diya?
5. Judgemental Aunty
Bdi simple saree pehni hai, lg hi nahi dulhe ki maa!
6. The Gossip Aunty
Are tumhe pta hai, ldke ki bdi behn abi kuwari hai!
7. Naraz Aunty
Hme to koi puch hi nhi rha, besti krane aye hain kya yha. Huh!
Ugh… these aunties are really showpieces. But they would surely entertain you more than the shadi stuff!
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