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Indian captain Mithali Raj played so well in the first match of the Asia Cup. She scored 97 runs against Malaysia which led to our teams win in the first match of Asia Cup.
This is a photo of her holding the award cheque which she got for playing so well in the match.
Do you notice something wrong with it? Well everyone noticed it. The official account of Indian cricket team uploaded her picture with the reward money and people got infuriated with the discrimination that is been done.
How come the men playing cricket for India gets a handsome reward for their hard work on the fields but when we talk about the woman team they get peanuts. How is this fair? Is the woman cricket team doing any less hard work on the fields? Or is their match easier and less important than the one played by Indian cricket team consisting of men? This is a sad but an honest mirror of the discrimination that is still going on. But the question is how far is this going to go? And what is it going to take to stop this?
Well the people of India are not blind, they saw this discrimination and called the amount an insult to the player.
When our men are rewarded with a prize money of $ 2000 for the MOM title, why our women are being rewarded with a amount that is not even near to what men gets?
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