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Sunil Chetri, the finest footballer India has produced, recently took to his social media handle to post a video in which he is seen urging Indian people to come and support Indian football.
Indian team has performed exceptionally well in the selection rounds and wants the countrymen to enjoy their game just as they enjoy the European clubs' or other country's game.
He also addressed that he knows Indian football is not of that level but they are trying hard to change opinions of their countrymen.
Watch the video here:
The video went viral in no time and caught eyeballs of the countrymen.
Soon after the release of the video, Sunil's good friend, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli also urged his fans to go and support football.
we definitely felt real bad on seeing a legendary player coming and requesting his countrymen to see his team play, we hope that this brings a positive change in the Indian sport circuit.
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