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Madhya Pradesh's Sanjeev Srivastava, 46 who has taken the internet by storm with his quirky dance moves is now titled as the "Dancing Uncle" of India.
Sanjeev's dance video went viral in no time and caught the senses of netizens, the video did not just reach the Indian audience but the Americans too who went in awe of the enthusiastic man.
Sanjeev says that he is a big Govinda fan and has always followed his dance steps.
Many big celebrities and politicians across India lauded the man's moves, CM of Shivraj Chauhan went on to retweet his video and write, "there's something special in the waters of Madhya Pradesh".
Shivraj's Idol Govinda praised him too and said that the man has done better than him.
He has gathered so much popularity in such a short span of time that he has been appointed the brand ambassador by Vidisha Municipal Corporation.
Check his quirky moves here:
Gone Viral!
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