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Aunties are a crucial part of our society. They are everywhere and they don’t hesitate in becoming your moral police and giving you gyaan about everything unsanskari you do. You can’t be Unsanskari with these many aunties around you. They are the first to go and tell your parents about all the bad things you do. They are the ones who are worried about your shaadi more than your own family. They are the ones who want to know about your life more than anyone. And maybe they know more about you, more than you know about yourself.
Kha se aati ho, Kha ko jaati ho – your pados wali aunty knows about it. You can fool everyone but not her. They are everywhere. But did you ever imagined how it would be if our favourite Disney villains would act like our not so favourite Desi aunties.
Well cartoonist Simmi did what we never thought about. On her instagram account, she gave some interesting angles to these characters.
Don't trust her. Ever.
Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Roti, Kapda, Bache, Naukar - She had it all.
Aee Kutte k Bache.
Also she have some other funny cartoons on her page. And you must see them.
Download Pranam Asan
Mogambo khush nahi hai.
Ain't no shame!
Haldi can fix all your problems.
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