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Period issues are obviously very common in almost all the girls around the world. It’s a big thing to deal with the routine chores during periods. Only a woman can understand the pain behind these irritating menstrual cycle problems. Some women experience a lot of blood loss and excessive pain during these days while some feel normal about it.
But what if I say that these painful days are because of the lifestyle the women are following!
Yes, that’s a fact! Stomach pains and cramps in the body can be due to the inappropriate habits that women are possessing. Let’s probe into the factors and check out what are they:
1. Eating wrong food items
Salty and fatty foods eaten during periods cause a lot of damage to your menstrual cycle. Salty items cause water retention that cause bloating while fatty food causes uterus to contact. These two leads to period cramps.
3. Sleep issues
Lack of sleep directly leads to anxiety. The stress hormone, Cortisol, is released in large amount that deprives the bodily stamina. Cortisol directly leads to hormone imbalance in the body that gives you painful periods.
2. No Exercise
Daily exercise during periods helps you to fight with period cramps. The time when you are on heavy flow, you can avoid difficult exercises but continue with your Yoga.
4. Caffeine intake
Those who have a habit of drinking coffee very often they need to avoid this specially during their periods. Moreover, the things that contain caffeine constrict your blood vessels and decrease the flow of blood towards the uterus. So lack of blood flow directly leads to period cramps. Those who feel difficult to cut down this habit they can gradually reduce the intake.
5. Smoking
This does just similar to what caffeine does to the body. This also constricts the blood flow that makes your periods worse than before.
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