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Women generally have lot of complaints about their boyfriends. The room cleaning issues, wearing inappropriate clothes, complaints about ex- girlfriends and so much more that irritates men a lot. But there are things that annoy men too which are just not known to some women. These things are actually too irksome to handle for him and the worst part is that he can’t even express that. As soon as he would open his mouth to callout a word against her, he is finished. LOL! Still he manages to be calm but she never stops to get on his nerves.
Poor boy, what can he do? Nothing!
Let’s check out what are these annoying habits of women that take the shit out of men.
1. Wearing uncomfortable heels
Women mostly wear uncomfortable heels for the sake of looking tall and sexy. But it gets annoying for men when they have to carry their girlfriends in the middle of the road that spoils all the fun.
2. Taking forever to get ready
This is of course common compliant men always make to their girlfriends. Generally, they think- what is point of layering so much makeup when they are just going for a night walk. Strange, but they can’t open their mouth.
3. Asking crazy questions time and again
The height of anger pops up when women asks the same question time and again. And that crazy question is - am I looking fat?? At that time men are like Ugh… Give me a break girl….!
4. Crying for a reason that only God knows about
OMG! This is quite relatable to the man who is almost fed up from his girl. Men find it a big boulder on their shoulders. Trust me, it irritates men when women keeps on crying for no reason and deny anything’s wrong when they are actually disturbed. But what they say is, “no, nothing happened”.
5. Cuddling him at wrong time
Women generally feel excited and get into the mood when men are busy working. Suppose he is on a phone call with his client or he is working on some important office project, why he wants any distraction? But no, she has to romance at that point of time only. How lame!
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