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Are you bored of all the things you have been watching on Instagram and need to look at some different and unique style tastes? Do you want something else, something more? If yes, then you must check out these styles I have picked out from the streets of Chengdu.
Chengdu is the third biggest luxury market in China and its status as one of the best luxury brands is very evident because of the performance of its malls. Fashion is just a part of everyday life for the people of Chengdu. Whatever you wear is about who you are. If you stand on a street in Chengdu and look around you will see that it is a fashion market. Not even one person you see there will disappoint you with their style and fashion choices. Chengdu is full of people who eat, breathe and drink fashion. On a busy street you will see woman doing her own photoshoot. Capturing her lovely dress on camera and making sure that the sunlight catches the right angle for her translucent skirt.
Chengdu is so fashion forward that whatever is hot in Chengdu today, will be adopted by the rest of the world tomorrow. There are a many fashion people that belong from Chengdu. It is a place where you need to go if you want to live a good life. To understand fashion, it is important to have a good life and Chengdu is that place that can offer the fashion enthusiast a good life. It is a place with light hearted people having light hearted spirit and that can be seen in the way half of the market consumes fashion.
It’s great if you can go and see this fashion powerhouse of China once but if not then you don’t need to worry. I will update you with some cool style tips from the streets of Chengdu.
Those glasses are super stylish.
They know how to use colours perfectly.
And I need that skirt.
How well she combined all the colours and patterns.
They look like divas here.
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