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Well well well! Talking about Indians would always make me feel proud. They are actually loving and emotional. The affection and the respect they have for each other are just immeasurable. Though there is enough crime but Indians always stand against it and do their best. Always feel like saluting the people of India!
Apart from that, there are some funny things Indians are up to in their day to day life. These things perfectly describe India as well as Indians. So let’s get into something interesting about India that would make you feel that this country would remain like this, always.
1. Disco roads
You don’t need to go to any disc as Indian roads itself give a disco feeling.
2. Collecting Branded carry bags
Just look at every corner of your house, under your mattress, deep inside your cupboard, you would find a branded carry bag that you would never use but only cherish for future.
3. Anytime Tea- time
Indians cannot open their eyes in the morning, get a poop pressure, do the office work, and can’t even sleep--- without ‘Tea’. So every time or anytime is a tea time for them.
4. Switch Batteries of TV remote to Ac remotes
Perfect way to save money and time—‘just exchange the batteries and have fun’! Sometimes hitting the remotes badly on your hand is also an option to make the batteries work for a little longer.
5. Happiest moment when one finds someone of the same surname’
‘Himachali ho? Are wah! Main bhi Himachali hu, kya ittfaq hai bhai!’ What a small world. LOL!
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