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What is the most infuriating thing in the world? No, apart from the 13 Reasons Why series, any guesses?
Oh, did I hear traffic? Bravo!
Sir/Madam, you get a brand hamper of my loveliest wishes (yea, just wishes because this is no Koffee with Karan going on) for the guess you made is so apt.
A messy traffic has the power of sucking out peace out of your soul, you get panic attacks and lose control on your senses; such is the prowess of traffic.
You might have cursed your government, state, people and country for the poor infrastructure of roads when stuck in a traffic jam but here is a happy news, there are countries with much worse rush hour condition, take a look:
New York, America
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Paris, France
London, UK
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Beijing, China
And let's end the showreel with our very own Delhi, India
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