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We, human beings are absolutely way different from each other. Be it anything related to our behaviour we have our own way of thinking and conducting things. Not only physically but the difference in perception makes vary us from each other. But of course as human, there is something that put us on similar lines. Think about it!
Well there are so many things that we actually carry out in our day to day that are common among almost all of us. Of course, my way of behaving is different from you and others but don’t you think that we have still something similar. There is, guys! In fact so many things! Here I would make you realise the how ‘We’ are at home vs. how we are outside. I think now you are getting a vague idea what I am talking about, no?
So here it goes…… Check this out!
• Clothing
At home we sometimes appear no less than beggars but outside with friends or colleagues, no one is smarter than us.
• Talking
At home we shout to our mothers for food and yell to our siblings while at work or in front of some outsider no one is politer than us.
• Eating
At home we eat food as if we haven’t had it for so long while we having dinner outside is- “sophistication at the highest level”
• Dancing
At home, dance madly at home. We just damn care about anything. However, in a disc or official party we are nothing but a slow dancer.
• Smiling
We just laugh out loud at home without realising anything while outside with colleagues we act like we have the cutest smile ever.
Strange but facts are facts! LOL!
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