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Mumbai is known for its rain and also because of the panic it creates across the Metropolitan city. Many other parts of the country are begging for some rain and Mumbai, on the other hand, are already folding their hands in front of rains that “Bhai, ab dusre jagah bhi ghumke aaja!”
This year the weather forecast is reporting that the conditions will be even worse because this is the pre-monsoon time and already the city is seeing heavy rains for the past two days. The rain in the city is already creating a lot of disruptions in flight and local train operations.
In the midst of all this chaos, Indians will always find their way out and gain some laughter right? Here are some of the hilarious ways how Twitter is finding humor in this heave Mumbai rains:
Oh yeah!
Fake Kejriwal also has something to say and we don’t know what to say!
This lady agrees probably
Well, now who's going to answer?
This gentleman is giving you a challenge, do you accept it?
Oh you guys had a lot of fun, now I have just one question…Is this the platform? And people are waiting for the train?
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