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On the very initial stages of relationship when everything is new and lovable, things go well with you. That is a kind of feeling which can’t literally be explained. You are in your fantasy world. You imagine all the beautiful things that you want to do with your partner. Everything feels lovable. Even you start loving the things you hate. That’s the magic of the first relationship.
Well, if you are in the same boat and just fall in love then you can surely relate to this. Today I am going to tell you about cute text messages that you get when you are in your initial stages of relationship. If you are having an amazing boyfriend or girlfriend, then do read and let me know if this is your love tale too.
So here we go with those cute text messages. Check them out!
1. “Good Morning beautiful/ handsome”
This is obviously the first text of the day with these adorable adjective that make you feel the world is praising you.
2. Sending songs or video clips- “I dedicate this to you”
He/she would send you romantic songs and videos that remind them of you. Every time you listen or watch it, you fall in love all-over again.
3. “I can’t wait to see you”
This pops up a tickling in your stomach and you start imagining your fantasies with him/her.
4. “Give me a hug/ kiss”
A little sensual talk about hugs and kisses makes you feel like floating in the bubble of love. While replying to this text, you stop for a while and then send it blushing all alone.
5. “Wanna be with you right now”
An electric current runs through your body when you get to hear such words from your partner. At that moment you imagine so many things that you fantasize with your loved one.
6. “I am a better person when I’m with you”
This text obviously makes you feel the king/queen of your partner’s life. You start believing that you are most important for him/her.
7. “I miss you, love”
This text definitely makes you feel how valuable you are for your partner. Being missed by someone is a beautiful feeling indeed.
That’s what make you realize how much your partner wants you and how much he/she cares about you. This is purely an indication that that your loved one understands every bit of the relationship.
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