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We all are used to the weekend parties and also with the number of empty bottles we find rolling here and there the next day. You might be thinking that it is going to be super-complicated and you ain’t no got much time to spare. That is why we brought to you the simplest way to make a gorgeous piece of décor with minimal effort.
Things you need:
• Socket with Switch
• Lamp Cord
• Filament Bulb
• Lamp Shade
• Lamp Nipple 1/8 IP
Tools needed:
• 3/8 inch diamond drill bit
• Drill press
• Regular 3/8 inch drill bit
• Head screwdriver
• Utility knife or electrical pliers
Stage 1 – This is the most difficult part is to cut the wine bottle
First, mark the outline of which part you want to cut with a very sharp object. After you have done that, you need to start heating up the bottle at the underlines area and then dip the bottle into cold water. Keep repeating the bottle and it will be parted. After you have cut it, use any smoothening paper and smoothen the edges.
Stage 2 – Drill Hole/Holes
You should use a drilling machine or drill press to drill holes into a wine bottle and if you absolutely have no access to that, you can use your handheld drill, but be careful. Use cutting oil before you drill the bottle.
Stage 3 – Insert lamp nipple into the wine bottle cork
Cool isn’t it? So, here you simply have to insert the lamp nipple through the cork so that it looks nothing like a home-made thing but too fancy to be true.
Stage 4 – Connect the cable to the socket
After all the earlier process is done, in the bottom of the wine bottle, you need to drill a hole and from there you can run electrical cable into the lamp socket.
The below-mentioned methods are optional, you make mix and match anything as per the design you choose to make. Now you are ready, make as many designs you want and make your house a glowy affair.
Now, I am going to make my own, though I have made one but we can do with another piece of gorgeousness!
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