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Being in a relationship is definitely not an easy thing. A relationship needs to be handled with love and care. Other than that, the important thing that sparks up a relationship is of course the sexual factor. Having sex in a relationship strengthen the bond between the couple and let them feel how comfortable they are with one another. Be it a married couple or live-in, the best thing to covey feeling is definitely through your body.
However, it’s not just sex all the time that makes you bond stronger. Sometimes you are not always in a mood to have sex with your partner. We should avoid this as a base of your relationship. There are of course other things that get you closer to your partner. Yes! You can definitely try something else other than having sex.
So here are certain sexiest things you must try besides having sex to make your bond stronger.
1. Cuddling
Don’t think about sex for a while and go straight to cuddling with your partner. This would make you feel the warmth between you two that leads to more cosy relation.
2. Foreplay
Wrap up in each other’s arm and start with just making out. Avoid running for the intercourse rather go for a foreplay that excites you more for each other.
3. Sleep with each other
Put your hand on each other or hug each other while sleeping. Slowly kiss on the face, forehead and lips just to show a strong intimacy for your partner.
4. Turn Him/her on
This is something very important step to move further. Wear something sexy to turn them on. If you are in a mood of having sex but could not do it for any reason then this would be something sexy to excite your partner to show your level of excitement.
5. Love bites
Show your sexy mood through biting the ears, lips, finger to express your excitement for your partner. Give deeper love bites so that the mark reminds you of the last night moments between you two.
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