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Indians are Indians. However, comparing them with foreigners would be a funny thing to do. Isn’t it? Today, I am in a mood to laugh and would like you all to laugh out loud with me. There have been instances that people compare Indians to foreigners but i have never seen someone comparing Indian women to Chinese women. Well, as you know how our dearest ‘Desi Aunties’ behave. They are undeniably loud as compared to Chinese ladies. I find Chinese women quit sophisticated both physically and verbally. But, if we talk about Indian women specially Desi Aunties, they are in a completely different zone.
Well, Indian ladies! Without any offences, I am going to compare you this time with the Chinese women who are just like a soft snow falling from the sky.
Big eyes—Small eyes
When an Indian woman scolds her child, she bulges out her already bulged- out eyes whereas Chinese women while scolding a child does not seems like doing so with her smallest eyes ever.
Straight hair—Frizzy hair
If you look at the hair of Chinese ladies, they are so smooth and shiny that it can be managed without comb. Whereas, Indians are having so thick and frizzy hair that if they use comb it break into pieces.
Skinny— Fatty
Our Desi Aunties are none less than a Buldozer. LOL! If they would take in the air, they would become excessively fat. Whereas, Chinese ladies are so sexy and skinny that they don’t need to think before eating anything.
While quarrelling with neighbours, Indian Aunties are just next to experts. They are too loud to handle whereas, Chinese women speaks in such a polite manner that it’s difficult to judge whether they are quelling or greeting someone.
Get aged frequently—Never get aged
At the age of 40, our Desi Aunties looks as they are in their 60s whereas, Chinese women never get aged. Even in their 70s, they look like teenagers.
But whatever it is, there is something about Indians that I didn’t find in others and that is undoubtedly—Love, care and respect. Hats off to the Indians.
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