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Summers are already a deadly climate and when you are in India, you definitely need to pull up your socks and take care of yourself. The first thing you should keep in mind is to ditch oily food and combat the harsh effects of summer on your body with fresh vegetables and fruits.
1. Too much protein
You might have heard that proteins are good but not too much especially in summer. Since protein is harder to digest and during dry summer winds it becomes more of a trouble because of the heat and dehydration. It can make you feel nauseous when consumed in an excess quantity.
2. Alcohol
No matter how beautifully the cocktail is served infront of you, alcohol will always be a vasodilator. It means that it gushes more blood through your system, thus, leaving you feeling hotter and sweatier. Also, alcohol leaves your body extremely dehydrating.
3. Oily food
When dry summer wind is blowing at the peak, it is really difficult to keep yourself hydrated all the time. So the urination is not as frequent while dehydrated and therefore, the oily food you eat during the time will reside on your skin. It will make you more sweaty, dehydrate you more and kick-starting a vicious cycle.
4. Caffeine
Caffeine has a promoting effect on our nerves which makes our body work more intensively. During summer, our body already works at the peak and to avoid overheating and other problems, caffeine is not recommended at all.
Take special care of your body in summer, don’t take it for granted.
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